Project Eden

I wanted to take some time to experiment and build a Star Citizen style scene that I'd GPU render with Octane. I'm super happy with the renders but I'd definitely need more GPU muscle if I was going to do more. I have a 970GTX and a 1070GTX and it felt pretty sluggish with lighting and foliage going on but it definitely feels like it'd be amazing with a few powerful GPUs. 
Octane really struggles with Ngons and there's no real support for procedurally building materials like I would normally within Modo but I'll definitely be keeping an eye on how it evolves to see if it becomes a regular part of my pipeline. 
The UI was kit bashed together based on reference, some of it was by the amazing Davison Carvalho: 
I used Modos round edge shader for all of my bevels / unifying shapes and almost all the UVs are tri planar projected, so assets were fast to build.